Residential Home Watch

Luxus Home Care agents know well the excitement and challenges of running a large home from a distance. We offer packages that include monthly, bi-monthly and even a la carte home visits, and we carefully inspect both the interior and exterior of your home. After each visit, a Luxus agent will send you a detailed report through our secure GPS enabled reporting system.  Each report includes photos and our 32-point checklist outlining what was inspected and the overall condition of your property. Owners are immediately contacted in the event repair is found to be required and such needed repairs are highlighted in our report as well.
Our inspection checklist is customizable to each property.
Sample of Basic Services Include:
Home Exterior
  • Walk the perimeter of the home and check for overall condition
    and signs of vandalism
  • Check windows, window screens and doors for any damage or
    signs of intrusion
  • Check mailbox; forward first class mail if requested, remove
    newspapers and fliers
  • Check garage; open and close garage doors
  • Check exterior lights
  • Check exterior walls and trim for visible signs of maintenance issues
  • Check Lanai area and pool when applicable
  • Visually check for any insect or pest intrusion
  • Check fences
  • Check the main water valve is turned off after each inspection
    (unless otherwise requested by client)
  • Check for any visual damage and potential issues on property
  • Immediate reporting to Client of any abnormalities found
Home Interior
  • Visually check the overall condition of the home
  • Visually check for signs of water leaks: ceilings, windows and doors
  • Visually check signs of pest intrusion
  • Check windows and doors
  • Visually check circuit breakers and reset any that have flipped
  • Run garbage disposal and all faucets
  • Check refrigerator and freezer adjust settings accordingly
  • Short cycle dishwasher & washing machine
  • Cycle water through drinking water filters
  • Reset any clocks, if needed
  • Run taps and showers; flush all toilets
  • Visually check for signs of mildew and mold
  • Check thermostat, air conditioners and humidistat; reset settings if needed
  • Check electricity, Internet and cable (upon request)
  • Inspect and change air filters (homeowner provided)
  • Check all kitchen appliances
  • Reset security system upon departure
  • Inspection Checklist Report completed during each home watch inspection
  • Immediate reporting to Client of any abnormalities found
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