Permanent Resident Services   

Owning a home or taking a vacation shouldn't be stressful. This is why we have developed a home management service program for permanent residents.  Our House Sitting Services and Home Wait Services are ideal for local residents that need the support of a trusted individual to be at their home when they can't.  LUXUS Home Care makes home ownership easy!
House Sitting

Whether you're temporarily leaving home to travel, selling a vacant home or buying a home you can't move into right away, leaving your home unoccupied puts it at risk.  LUXUS Home Care can be contracted to visit your home daily or weekly and provide you with peace of mind while your home is vacant. Our House Sitting Service is also ideal for realtors who wish to focus on selling a vacant home and not managing it.
Home Wait

Our House Wait Service allows busy professionals the ease of completing time consuming home projects with ease.  LUXUS Home Care can be at your home when you can't be, ready to let in workers and supervise deliveries, installations, repairs, and more.  Our Home Wait Service is ideal for permanent residents and absentee homeowners alike. We provide you with a trusted local person to be at your home when you need them. 
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