Estate Management Services   

Our Estate Management Services work in tandem with our Home Watch Services and were specifically designed for clients that need more than just a watchful eye for their vacation property.  Our services are geared towards keeping your home or condo operating smoothly.  All aspects of your property are analyzed carefully to ensure that the home is not only maintained perfectly but that every home system runs efficiently.

Household Manuals

Vendor Services

Staff Management

  • Home & Operational Systems
  • Housekeeping Procedures & Standards
  • Maintenance of Household Materials
  • ​Vendor Directories
  • Proper Vendor Selection
  • ​Scheduling Service Calls & Repairs

  • Cleaning Procedures​​
  • Handling  of Antiques & Valuables
  • Staffing and Schedules 
  • Standard Protocols

Inventory Lists

Home Maintenance

Emergency Protocols

  • Household Art, Silver, Crystal
  • Food & Beverage Preferences
  • Home Products & Cleaning Supplies 
  • Annual Maintenance Calendar
  • Maintenance Logs
  • Warranty Renewals
  • Budgets
  • On Call Assistance​
  • Alarm Response
  • Security & Safety Procedures